"We choose attitude rather than digital skills"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Furniture and design chain, is, as the name suggests, a company where digitization is an integral part of the DNA. According to international HR manager, Anette Sørensen, digitalisation throughout the organisation is key - including digital marketing - which includes a massive presence on virtually every social media platform.

Nevertheless, aspiring store managers do not necessarily have to show CVs filled with digital skills. Instead follow a successful strategy of focusing on attitude, says Anette Sørensen.

Logical systems helps new store managers

"We choose attitude rather than skills. The premise is that potential store managers can learn about everything from bed fillings to operating digital systems if they are open-minded and have the right attitude."

Tamigo’s online shift schedule is just one of the digital systems new store managers at will have to familiarise themselves with. But here's the advantage, according to international HR manager Anette Sørensen:

"Tamigo is so logically and intuitively built that store managers can use the system right away."

Besides the online shift management and employee communication Tamigo helps new store managers get an overview of the shops' wage costs and facilitate a correct payroll. is planning to open new concept stores in all major German cities the coming years. Also several new stores in Norway are on the drawing board. uses Tamigo’s online shift schedule in all the current 39 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.