Transparency is a prerequisite for correct wages

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A new survey - conducted for the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions - is revealing a great need to scrutinize the way most companies handles payroll. According to the survey 52 percent of the entire Danish workforce has found errors in their payslips.

Involve employees

Correct payment of wages is a matter of trust between employers and employees. Therefore, repeated errors in the payslip affect morale, motivation and productivity at the workplace.

At Tamigo we work hard to decrease the percentage of faulty payslips as much as possible. During the last 10 years we have made employees able to validate their own payslips. In Tamigo employees can see exactly the amount of total working hours and deferred working hours that make up the final payment - before the employer has sent the wage file off to the wage system, that is.

Employees have automatic access to a number of features that dramatically increases the transparency and validation of payslips. Including:

• Updated personal timesheet showing actual hours on a daily level throughout the pay period

• Updated wage details shows the actual hours with wagecodes and supplements one wage period at a time

Overview means security

As an employer, you can be sure Tamigo is your link between the optimal operation of the company and correct wages on time.

Tamigo makes it easy to check for a number of types of missing data - for example, lacking wage numbers per employee or days in the timesheet that are not approved and closed. Put together with the employees' access to their own actual hours in Tamigo this decreases the risk of wrong salary.

So, what do our customers think:


In 2012 the acknowledged Danish coffee chain, Baresso, chose to implement the Tamigo online workforce management system that replaced a "troublesome and time-consuming system". At that time export to the wage system took one and a half day, Inger Luciani, head of administration, recalls. Today she spends ten minutes each month transmitting a flawless wage file from Tamigo to the wage system and approximately 500 Baresso employees!


“Without Tamigo I would have to spend 15-20 hours a month alone administrating the HR section, but it is now cut down to just two hours a month. I just press OK on my smartphone when I approve the change of shifts and absence requests from employees, who basically do not need training in Tamigo.”

7-Eleven franchisee with eight stores, Rasmus Borre