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  • Online Shift Schedule
  • HR
  • Absence management
  • Communication
  • Smartphone apps


Fast salary calculation and integration with payroll system

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  • Salary and time
  • Regular +
  • Finance and forecasts


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  • Professional +
  • Tamigo Touch Time Clock
  • Tailored training
  • Specific manuals
  • Campaign
  • Project management
HOW DOES THE 30 DAYS' TRIAL PERIOD WORK? When you have created a free trial period and have received email confirmation, you have free access to Tamigo's online roster and and staff management functions for 30 days. During the trial period you have unrestricted access to functions equivalent to the Tamigo Professional package. At Tamigo we consider everyone who has started a trial period as a fully-fledged customer. For this reason the trial period also includes free access to our customer support, by email and phone.
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE TRIAL PERIOD ENDS? When your trial period is about to end, we will contact you to ask if you are content with Tamigo. You can then decide to take out a Tamigo subscription and automatically continue with all data from your trial period. If you don't want to continue your cooperation with Tamigo, we delete your database free of charge.

Other services


If you need development of a special function in Tamigo we are always willing to examine the matter in partnership with you to determine the required functionality.

Online tutoring

If you want to experience how Tamigo works in practice you can have a free presentation of Tamigo. We can meet at our or your company address or via the Internet – it is entirely up to you.


Tamigo offers a number of workshops that quickly and effectively equip you and your key managerial staff to manage the core functions in your company.

Discover how much Tamigo has to offer your business!

Starter Regular Professional Enterprise

Online Shift Schedule

* Make plans for the future

* Make a shift schedule

* Shift swaps

* iCal

* Several departments

* Daily scheduling

* Department overview

* Forecast


* Shared documents

* Create an overview of skills

* Autogenerate contracts

Absence management

* Send absence requests

* Automatic integration

* Simple absence calendar

* Absence balance


* Integration with private calendars

* Digital bulletin board

* Show messages in the schedule

* Sms and e-mail

* Calendar

Salary and time

* Sick days

* Flex account

* Payroll export

Tamigo Touch Time Clock

(✔)* (✔)*

* Save time and money

(✔)* (✔)*

* Who is on duty?

(✔)* (✔)*

* Correct salary payments every time

(✔)* (✔)*

* Rounding rules

(✔)* (✔)*

Finance and forecasts

* Upload revenue automatically

* Salary simulation and forecast

* Budget review

Smartphone apps

* Manage operations from your smartphone

* Time clock on the go

(✔)* (✔)*

* Transparent communication

Tailored training

Specific manuals


(✔)* (✔)*

Project management

Detailed price list


# Employees Starter Regular Professional Tamigo Touch time clock Campaign module
1-10 57 $ 78 $ 87 $ 21 $ 9 $
11-20 96 $ 131 $ 145 $ 29 $ 19 $
21-30 131 $ 189 $ 219 $ 48 $ 28 $
31-40 - 234 $ 263 $ 68 $ 35 $
If you have large fluctuations in staff or in the number of departments we can offer a cost per employee . Contact us for more information.