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Whether you are a small shop or a large chain, or it’s high or low season, it is vital to have the right staff on at the right time. Easy planning and time registration saves you time and keeps your employees informed. Headquarters can benchmark stores or departments, as info is shared across the company. Boost productivity, increase sales and minimize labor costs. Learn more about tamigo for retail.

tamigo helps supermarkets effectively plan shifts, control labor costs and streamline payroll processes. By having your entire staffing profile at hand, tamigo makes it easy to forecast and rota the right amount of staff at the right times, while being able to see current and future wage percentages. You can even generate automatic contracts with tamigoLearn more about tamigo for supermarkets.

No matter the season, an updated rota and effective staff communication is necessary for any kiosk or service station. Instead of managing shifts in spreadsheets or on pieces of paper, tamigo saves you time and lets you focus on more important things – like serving the customers. Plan according to traffic, get an overview of your financial situation, control labor costs and bring together your staff through online communication. Learn more about tamigo for retail.

Creating an efficient schedule can be time-consuming for restaurant managers. tamigo lets you plan shifts down to the last minute and gives you a complete overview of your staff. Control wage percentages, estimate future revenue and schedule your staff according to their duties, skills and availability. Learn more about tamigo for restaurants.

Hotels have to complete time-consuming administrative tasks while having to meet the requirements of their guests. It is vital to have a flexible schedule and employees with the right skill sets. tamigo helps automate tasks like creating schedules, calculating labor costs and completing timesheets. By having information in ONE place, you quickly get an overview of variable shifts, hotel departments and calendar events.

tamigo is ideal for cafes – whether you are a small, independent cafe or a large chain. tamigo helps you reduce manual tasks and gives you a complete overview of your business. Manage shifts and time registration and ensure correct wages each time. tamigo even knows how to deal with tips and overtime. Increase profits and keep track of your labor costs.

In the healthcare sector, it is important to dedicate as much time and energy to the patients as possible. With so many employees and irregular work hours 24-7, it can be difficult to get a complete overview. tamigo solves these issues and shows you who is on duty and when. Assign the right staff at the right times and get valuable insights into your productivity and labor costs.

tamigo helps call centers by giving them a full overview of who is working when and with what. You can easily integrate other systems with tamigo to show each employee’s sales per hour. Reduce absenteeism, generate reports on staff turnover, and share communication on how to best engage with customer. Improve your company’s finances by using tamigo’s forecasting tools.

tamigo helps public institutions to plan their resources effectively and share the information in the organization. You can easily handle work regulations and union agreements. Absence management is intuitive and effortless. tamigo is easy to use and promotes knowledge sharing and online communication in ONE solution.

Whether you are a small, independent bakery or a large chain, tamigo helps you reduce manual tasks and gives you a complete overview of your business. With tamigo, you can easily manage shifts, absences, time registration and communication with your employees. Increase profits and keep track of your labor costs.

We have many part-time employees as we need some employees only to work afternoons and weekends. Consequently, there are often many changes in the rota, but tamigo makes these changes easy to manage with a minimum of administrative resources.

tamigo has given both the head office and the individual shopkeepers the opportunity to look ahead with regards to wage percentages, labor costs and turnover – and this can be viewed today, tomorrow and three months from now.

It is incredibly important that we are able to see what our shift schedules costs while we’re making them. In addition, tamigo accurately displays labor costs against revenues across all the restaurants. 

tamigo creates an overview which means you are always up to date. That's why tamigo is an invaluable tool.

As a Team Leader, I have full control over the entire scheduling process, no matter where I am. At the same time, all the employees have access to the new and updated shift plan via the tamigo app.

We want to be flexible towards our customers and tamigo helps us do this. With tamigo we can optimize our shift schedule at all times with the right skills for the individual customer.

Already in March, we have a fantastic overview of the staff needed during the summer holidays. tamigo ensures that we always have the desired number of employees at work.

Today, I save a lot of money because I only pay for the hours that employees actually have worked.

Anette Sørensen

Bolia, International HR Manager

Svend Halse Petersen

Rema 1000, HR Manager

Tommy Hvid

Sticks'n'Sushi, Operations Manager

Nicolas Stubtoft

Danhostel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Camilla Nilsen

Vitalegruppen, Team Leader

Martin Thomsen

The Call Company, Production Manager


Statens It

Inge Christensen

Svinninge Bageri, Shopkeeper

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We are local & international
We cater to both local and international customers. Even if you are an international company with different locations, tamigo can be configured to meet your needs.
Use tamigo in your own language. Stay compliant and set up local contract types, bank holidays and more with tamigo.

tamigo is for everyone in your company

Improve communication with colleagues and supervisors.

Get a full overview of your own shifts, worked hours and absences.

Stay informed of events, campaigns and opening hours.

Have all relevant company information at your fingertips.

Native mobile app provides easy instant access.

Swap shifts, request absence, bid for shifts online or in app.

Save time on managing shifts, absence, schedules and timesheets.

Easily plan schedules against targets, contracts, rules and budgets.

Optimize your planning with more insights.

Keep track of store performances.

Get information and warnings while planning.

Keep your staff informed at all times.

Get a quick overview of your KPI’s across the entire business.

Quickly see which stores have targets set up.

Get insights about the future.

Engage your employees to reach a common goal.

Ensure valid and accessible employee data.

Empower operations to make better decisions.

Easy, accessible overview of the full workforce and their data.

Ensure compliance and regulations.

Share documents and create and manage contracts.

Get an overview of employee skills, absences and payroll.

Access to HR-related KPI’s, including staff turnover.

Employee self-service ensures high validity of employee data.

Easy payroll export to your payroll system (to more than 70+ payroll systems).

Reduce human errors and prevent incorrect payments.

Access to all salary-relevant information.

Save time spent on validation of wage hours.

Easy wage and payroll configuration.

Tracking of worked hours and absences.

No installation needed – start right away.

GDPR compliant.

Easy onboarding for employees.

Easily integrate with HRM, POS and other systems.

Hosted in Azure for high security requirements.

Mature and well-documented API.

Streamline operations across all departments.

Quickly see which stores need to be optimized.

Measure the effectiveness of planned schedules.

Keep track of operations and store performances.

Improve the dialogue with individual managers.

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