Finance module

Your window into labour costs and sales across departments.


Advanced and precise
financial reporting

tamigo’s finance module is much more than payroll files and a full overview of wage costs.   


Get all relevant and correct numbers for your accounting — as aggregated monthly costs, current vacation entitlements, how costs are distributed between different types of hourly workers and more. 

Real-time view
on sales

Get a full overview of your sales and how they relate to past performance. See expected sales in one department or across the entire organisation.   


Address possible issues right away. Dig into unproductive hours compared to total hours and sales generated per productive hour.

tamigo accurately displays labour costs against revenues across all the restaurants. This flexibility and transparency is for every restaurant chain 'spot on'.

Tommy Hvid

Operations Manager, Sticks'n'Sushi

Main benefits with tamigo’s finance module 

  • Real-time sales insights enable adjustments to meet performance goals

  • Numbers that Finance, HR and Operations need, ready to be analysed and benchmarked
  • Financials that are actionable and accessible where they matter
  • Reports on total employee hours outside home department
  • In-built and fully customisable KPIs
  • Full cost control, from flex account costs to monthly aggregated fixed paid and hourly paid costs

Key features

Key features

Flex account
cost reports

Vacation entitlement

Personal sales

KPIs ​